6 Travel Hacks for Men Who Venture Alone

Many men travel alone for business, and for pleasure too. When you’re traveling by yourself there are tricks you should know to make your trip more efficient, and safer too. If you travel a lot, you know that things can go wrong when you’re on the road, and it’s best to be prepared when they do. We depend so much on the competence and helpfulness of strangers, those who help us along the way that work in the service industry.


If these people don’t have it together, which they sometimes do not, we are forced to figure it out ourselves. Here are 6 travel hacks for men who travel alone:

1. Consider corporate housing for business trips

If you’re a business traveler, there are options beyond hotels and extended stay suites. You’ll generally feel more comfortable and at-home at a fully furnished suite, and there are plenty of locations across North America. For example the furnished short-term housing in Gold Coast, Chicago from Pinnacle Furnished Suites include easy access to Oak Street Beach, restaurants and comes fully furnished.


2. Learn a little self-defense!

There is strength in numbers so when you’re by yourself you can avoid some trouble by learning how to fight. Listen, no one wants this to happen at all and it would be pretty bad to get caught in the middle of a fight. There is something you can do to prepare yourself for something crazy like this. Next time you’re in Rockville, MD, check out Pure Performance for their martial arts programs.



3. Budget for dry cleaning

When you take a trip that will last longer than about a week you can pay a little extra to have your clothes cleaned and pressed by the hotel or even at a drop-off laundry service. Packing light will make you happier anyway because you can pick up new items as you wish and sport them right away, then bring them home to wear whenever you want! After all, you want to look good, so invest a few bucks for this.


4. Bring the comforts of home

Do you love cialtad.com your own shampoo? Maybe you love to have your bathrobe and slippers wherever you are. Packing the items you can’t live without is a good way to make sure you will be comfortable. Get a good pillow like the Purple Pillow or bring your favorite pint-sized snacks for the road. If you miss that special someone from home, bring her picture along or a scarf sprayed with her favorite perfume. When you surround yourself with these comforts you will feel right at home wherever you are.


5. Keep your cash in different places

While you don’t necessarily have to multi-purpose your socks when finding places to stash your cash, it isn’t a bad place. Having money stored in different places on you and in your room enable you to feel secure. If your wallet is accidentally left at a counter or stolen you will be happy you tucked away that $50. If anyone asks you why you have money in your sock, you can either look smart by explaining the thinking or make something up just to joke with them – you’re superstitious that keeping money in your sock will lead to many profitable promotions!


6. Have a plan b

When you are traveling 500 miles away or just across town, there is always room for error. Flat tires, delayed flights, and insufficient preparations can all lead to a headache or worse. Make sure you are prepared by having a back-up plan. Your plan B can be as simple as knowing your options if you need to rent a car instead of fly to your destination. Is it possible? Will you make it in time (rested and ready)? Make sure you have thought out all the possible options before your trip. When in doubt, you can always purchase travel insurance, for one trip or many.

These hacks are sure to come in handy, make sure to share these ideas with your friends so they can avoid those travel problems as well.