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10 Tips to Consider Before Trying Cannabis for the First Time

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What’s it like being stoned? We’ve all asked this question at one point, whether quietly to ourselves or out loud to our cooler friends at their place. Luckily, with cannabis now more available and more legal than ever before, new or curious marijuana consumers have a much easier time giving it a try. However, whether you’re a young adult or a regular (old) adult, there are a few things to know before taking that first puff or chowing down on your first edible. Green Recycler Glass Bongs

You Can Always Take More, You Can Never Take Less

This is the rule of thumb for all things weed. Being stoned is great, being really stoned can be really great, but being too high is the absolute worst. Remember, you don’t have to finish that entire joint you bought. That’s why it’s sold in that handy, re-sealable tube. In the circle, non-e of your friends are going to say anything if you pass on the third round of puff, puff, pass. It’s more weed for them.