Food is a Big Part of Traveling – Here’s Why!

One of the great things about traveling is never having to worry about cooking your own meals. Yes, when you’re on the road, restaurants become the norm – a reason why local cuisine and delicacies are an important part of any trip. But according to Skift, food traveling is becoming big business. According to the American Culinary Traveler Report, over half of all U.S. travelers said that a part of the reason for their travel is to learn about new, unique dining experiences. What’s more is that tourism expenditures from food services is now estimated at over $200 billion in the U.S.

So why is food such a big part of traveling? Here’s a look:

  • It’s an experience: Food doesn’t just have to satisfy hunger, a great meal with a unique dish can also serve as a whole new enjoyable experience that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. And that’s not even considering restaurant settings, quality of the wait staff and other intangibles that go into a great dining experience.


  • New favorites: Many travelers have been on trips where they’ve eaten something so good, they’ve spent time trying to recreate it once they return home. Yeah, what you recreate may not be as good as the real thing, but discovering a new favorite is always fun.


  • It’s stimulating: Good food doesn’t just appease the taste buds, it also plays on the senses of smell, touch and sight. When was the last time you had a meal that looked and smelled as good as it tasted?

chicken and rice

  • It’s cultural: There’s more to travel than just experiencing the sights and history of an area. Yes, the food can also tell you a lot about the culture too.

eating lunch

  • It’s necessary: Yes, wherever you travel to, you’re going to have to eat. That said, why not make every meal count while you’re on the road and seek out the restaurants and places that offer the most unique experience in that area?


  • It’s fun: Finally, eating while you’re on the road is fun because, generally speaking, eating out is fun. You aren’t put out with the preparation or cleanup and only have to worry about the best part of meals – consuming them.

eating out

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