Adrenaline Junkies’ Top Destinations

Do you run on adrenaline? Are the words, intense, daring, scary and death-defying part of your everyday vocabulary? Then these top destinations are for you.

1. Go Zorbing in New Zealand


Zorbing is where you get inside a giant transparent ball and get tossed down a mountainside. Good luck to you, man! You’ll get bounced and tossed like a salad in a spinner.

2. Whitewater Raft in British Columbia


The Chilko River and specifically Lava Canyon, is the longest stretch o Class 5 whitewater rafting in North America. If you make it through that you continue onto the Chilko River’s famous White Mile. If you don’t, well…it was nice knowing you.

3. Hang Glide over Costa Rica


The Costa Rican jungle is among the most treacherous in the world. You’d better stay airborne, or, well, you know what happened to that kid’s dad in the Jurassic Park movie.

4. Ski Down Everest


First, you have to get dropped onto Mt. Everest, which in itself is a feat of daredevil magnitude. Then, you have to ski down in an oxygen deprived atmosphere. You said you wanted excitement, right?

5. Safari in Africa


You don’t have to be a big game hunter to go on safari in Africa, but it helps to be sitting next to one in your open jeep when a lion charges. Or a rhino. Or an elephant. Either way, that big game hunter will come in handy.

6. Dive the Great Blue Hole in Belize

blue hole

Are you a sucker for seeing what’s down a hole? Try your luck at the Great Blue Hole in Belize, judged to be the number one scuba diving destination in the world by famed explorer Jacques Cousteau. When you come up for air, let us know what you saw, will you?

7. Skydive Over the Rockies

moraine lake

Why fall out of the sky over grassy pastures when you can fall over sharp, rocky terrain? Skydiving over the Rockies isn’t for amateurs. It’s only for crazy people like you who aren’t content to play it safe and sit at home with a cup of tea and watch reruns of Downton Abby.

8. Hunt Pythons in the Everglades


Each year, the state of Florida allows anyone to go hunt pythons in the Everglades for fun and profit. Pythons are a predatory snake (yeah, we knew that), and this is a way to keep the population within reasonable control. Experts estimate there are up to 300,000 of the beasts in South Florida. Whee! Get your airboat and go!