5 Rules for Traveling on a Serious Budget

Thanks to The Financial Diet for this great video about budget traveling.


Traveling is one of the greatest adventures available in life, but it definitely comes at a price. Vacations and travel have become incredibly expensive. However, there are ways to hack the travel system and get creative enough to take the trips you want.

It is absolutely essential to have a strategy or game plan for your travel itinerary. This video discusses 5 points that break your plans into 5 easy sections:

  1. Starting a travel fund
  2. Find super affordable lodging and transportation
  3. Always shop around for flights and housing
  4. Expand your definition of travel
  5. Decide what is really worth spending on

If you are planning on traveling, feel free to use these great tips. Budgeting your travel will not only make the trip more affordable, it will also make it more meaningful.

It is crucial to change the way you think about traveling in order to afford it. Start thinking about ways to change your idea of travel today, and you will be closer to leaving on your trip!